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We are a tireless company in the search for smart solutions for health, specialized and dedicated to products manufacturing with high technology and innovation, excellent quality, safety and exclusivity.

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Look vision

About Us
Founded in 1992 in São Paulo, Look Vision is a 100% Brazilian company specialized in contact lens cases for the vison care segment. Today, Look Vision is recognized as a highest level of quality company.

Provide solutions for the vision care industry, eye care professionals and consumers who need differentiated packaging with quality and safety.

Be the reference in packaging for the vision care segment, placing pioneer products and services in the market, with quality and high added value.

Innovation, Pioneering, Quality and Safety
Look Vision is the first company in developing and producing cases for contact lenses with a sealing ring and bactericidal action, a quality and safety reference in Brazil.

100% Original Material
Look Vision uses raw material 100% virgin and arrives at the product production line in its original state with Declaration of Origin.